"Sittin' on the dock of the bay"

Long Taing Weather and Tides

Long Taing is a coastal feature in Orkney, Scotland.

It is listed under Cliffs and Headlands: Point

Local authority: Orkney Islands Council

OS Grid Reference: HY725460

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Weather and Tides

Forecast for the next five days

24 March

Chance of rain 31%
Max temp. 7°C
(feels like 2°C)
Wind 6mph, gusting to 8mph.
Pressure 997
Humidity 81%
UV Index
Air Quality

High Tide 03:15 GMT

Low Tide 09:11 GMT

High Tide 15:49 GMT

Low Tide 21:54 GMT

25 March

Chance of rain 56%
Max temp. 6°C
(feels like 2°C)
Wind 4mph, gusting to 6mph.
Pressure 1006
Humidity 80%
UV Index
Air Quality

High Tide 04:22 GMT

Low Tide 10:48 GMT

High Tide 17:10 GMT

Low Tide 23:34 GMT

26 March

Chance of rain 10%
Max temp. 5°C
(feels like 1°C)
Wind 5mph, gusting to 6mph.
Pressure 1016
Humidity 60%
UV Index
Air Quality

High Tide 05:45 GMT

Low Tide 12:26 GMT

High Tide 18:39 GMT

27 March

Chance of rain 65%
Max temp. 5°C
(feels like -1°C)
Wind 7mph, gusting to 10mph.
Pressure 1004
Humidity 83%
UV Index
Air Quality

Low Tide 01:07 GMT

High Tide 07:07 GMT

Low Tide 13:45 GMT

High Tide 20:00 GMT

28 March

Chance of rain 61%
Max temp. 4°C
(feels like -2°C)
Wind 7mph, gusting to 9mph.
Pressure 1004
Humidity 79%
UV Index
Air Quality

Low Tide 02:13 GMT

High Tide 08:18 GMT

Low Tide 14:43 GMT

High Tide 21:01 GMT

Important! Tide times are for the nearest measurement point and may not be accurate for this location. You should not rely on these times for anything other than a broad indication of when the tide will be at its highest or lowest.

In particular, these tide times are not suitable for navigational use. Accurate tide forecasts require complex calculations and detailed local information. If you intend to engage in any activity for which tidal information is important for safety reasons (including sailing, powerboating, diving, and surfing) then you should obtain professional data.

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